Day and night watch

Day and night watch

  • Skin cleansing in the morning:

  • removing the 'waste products' from the skin;
  • awakening the skin and stimulating blood support.

  • Skin cleansing in the evening:
  • getting rid of dead skin particles and produced sebum;
  • getting rid of industrial and household dust; - removing daily makeup (if any).

Cleansing in the morning During the night the metabolic processes are much more intensive. An enormous amount of waste products gather on the skin surface, forming the impenetrable shield not letting the morning cream in and slowing down the blood support and metabolic processes.

Pay attention to Asian women: it is very hard to determine their age, because the facial skin of twenty-year-old and fifty-year-old women looks almost the same. All because the Asian women pay great attention to washing their faces. Hygienic procedures with water, wash, gel and sponge not only cleanse the skin, but make it softer as well; therefore, cosmetic products are absorbed better and provide better effect.

Cleansing in the evening
Even if you do not use decorative cosmetics, the evening ritual of skin cleansing is obligatory! As we have already said, dead skin particles and produced sebum is collected on it, as well as industrial dust, microparticles of exhaust gases, etc. If you do not remove this ‘cocktail’, the skin may become extremely damaged. By washing your face at bedtime, you not only clean the skin cover, but improve the blood support of epidermis and launch the metabolic process, which means cell renewal. If you ignore this procedure, skin aging will come much sooner.

Pay attentions that washing with micellar or rose water is not considered to be cleansing; it is just one of the stages. Micellae should be removed with a wash or gel, and rose water is unable to cope with the army of ‘contaminants’ on its own.

Skin cleansing, Tiande

For the facial skin to be clean and smooth and not requiring using Instagram filters and masks, you should begin taking care of your skin right now!

We have already said that skin cleansing is an important stage of taking care of young skin.

Human skin is an individual organ which produces so-called waste (which means sebum and dead skin flakes) as a result of its activity. Add industrial and household dust and remains of makeup to this waste, and you will get a killer mix! This substance blocks the pores through which the skin breathes, which leads to disruption of blood support, early aging, acne and dull skin.

Industrial and household dust provokes degeneration of epithelium (surface cells of the skin) and connective tissue called the extracellular matrix. Such pathological changes lead to structural and external worsening of derma condition. As a result of such harmful impact which we do not feel physically at all pigment spots appear on the skin, it loses its elasticity and matte appearance, but gains dryness, yellowness and early wrinkles.

Skin cleansing process is also applied to those who work remotely and mostly stay at home. Pathogenic microorganisms also live in home microclimate, and sometimes mold does as well; they both are very harmful for the facial skin.

This is why the cleansing stage is very important and obligatory for the skin, especially for young skin, when the amount of sebum produced due to the hormonal reconstruction is much larger!

Facial skin is recommended to be cleansed twice per day: in the morning and in the evening.

How to Moisturize Your Face, Tiande

A fresh idea:
FreshClick Cleansing Face Foam

Based on natural amphoteric SAAs

  • Softly and delicately cleanses the skin from impurities and sebum without destroying the thin lipid layer
  • Is perfect for any skin type, including problem skin, as well as sensitive and damaged as a result of negative influence of external factors (dry air, sun, makeup or intensive cosmetological procedures)
  • Light and pleasant texture: is excellently spread over the face and efficiently consumed. The foam is enhanced with:
  • betaine (natural moisturizer with anti-inflammatory effect);
  • beta-glucan (for protection and restoration, as well as collagen production stimulation);
  • panthenol (supports injury healing and quicker restoration).

Start your day with blasting freshness, tenderness and the FreshClick cleansing face foam!
Dive into the stream of freshness and generate the freshest and most amazing ideas!

Why the wash? The consistency of the wash provides the softest impact on the skin, at the same time coping with the main task, which is cleansing, excellently.

FreshClick cleansing face foam is a perfect product for skin cleansing in the morning and in the evening. It contains a great number of natural amphoteric SAAs used in the most delicate cleansing products.

Due to the fact that the wash cleanses the skin gently and without extra mechanical influence, it fits even for dry, problem and sensitive skin, as well as the skin damaged as a result of negative influence of external factors (dry air, sun, makeup or intensive cosmetological procedures).

The product contains the plant cleansing complex which does not dry the skin, refreshes and moisturizes it and does not have the weighing effect.

What is wrong with ordinary soap?
The ‘I do not care, I wash my face with soap’ phrase has become obsolete a long time ago.
It is not funny and was harshly criticized by dermatologists.

Dermatologists opened the eyes of young girls who wash their faces with whatever gets into their hands.

Due to a very young age (before 23 years old) the facial skin preserves its natural freshness and elasticity and seemingly does not suffer from aggressive impacts influencing it.

Washing it with soap does not dry the skin too much, popped pimples do not leave scars and heal on the very next day, and the killer cosmo-combo of concealer, bronzer, highlighter, powder and makeup fixative does not traumatize the skin at all…

But this is wrong!

After the 25-year-old age the skin becomes thinner, and after the 30 year old age the problems caused by regular face-washing with soap will definitely come out.

At least it may lead to increased skin sensitivity and at most – to its early prominent aging, sagginess, dryness and tightness.

Dermatologists actively recommend not to play the Russian roulette with your skin, but start taking care of your at a young age and never allow yourself to wash your face with soap.

It first of all destroys skin lipids forming the protective barrier.

Without it, the skin becomes helpless and vulnerable to dirt and bacteria. At the same time, normal fluid balance is disturbed; therefore, the skin becomes dry. A couple of weeks of such practice (a bit longer for some), and first wrinkles, dryness, tightness and sagginess will become obvious.

FreshClick cleansing face foam softly and delicately cleanses the skin from contaminations and sebum. Its regular use supports:

- lipid layer preservation;
- reduction of risk of inflammations on the face;
- skim moisturizing.

For even greater efficiency the composition of the foam is enhanced with betaine, beta-glucan and panthenol.

Betaine is a natural moisturizer with an anti-inflammatory effect.

Beta-glucan is a powerful antioxidant which efficiently protects the skin from early aging, successfully fights the present signs of skin fading and stimulates collagen production.

Due to panthenol the metabolic processes in the skin are restored, which supports the preservation of its youth; it also helps speed up the production of collagen which keeps the skin toned up.

To enjoy the feeling of freshness and tenderness, you need a little bit of product (pressing on the dispenser just several times). Spread the foam with your fingertips over the dry skin, moisten your hands with warm water and gently massage your face.

FreshClick foam not only cleanses the skin, but also prepares it to application of the next products, which are the facial primer serum and eye and face aquagel.

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